The MATEO Story.


The company was started in 2007 by a group of designers who teamed up to create a fundamentally new tableware brand. When the first collections were designed the orders were placed at some of Europe’s oldest crystal glass factories. In 2009 MATEO expanded its product range with the launch of designer porcelain and ceramics production.


  Vadim Andreev - designerVeronika Lazareva - art director


 Alya Putrik - designer


Today MATEO manufactures collections of handmade crystal and art glass, as well as bone china, hard-paste porcelain and ceramics. All products are handmade under strict controls in limited quantities and meet the highest quality standards.


MATEO philosophy is built around the idea of rethinking and transforming everyday objects and experiences, with the power of art. Each item is a product of a joint effort of artists, designers and craftsmen, who are always eager to go the extra mile and challenge the conventional way of thinking to help ideas manifest themselves in the form of a new object.

Our crystal is born to inspire. A delicate attitude towards form and substance, a rich palette, impeccable ergonomics and an ambition to excel. This defines MATEO style, which is based on a contemporary interpretation of Russian and European traditions of arts and crafts. Elegant proportions and exquisite curves give MATEO glass a signature character like no other. Collections feature glasses for all key beverage categories, tableware and decorations.          


MATEO china is a multitude of vivid, original and unique collections that are marked by the highest quality and impeccable taste. The brand’s lineup features both full range of dinnerware items as well as some tableware and decorative items.